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and movement a new focus after dismantling many of the encampments over the past several weeks. >>> texas -- in texas a shooting aboard an amtrak train andate a dallas union station involvesplain clothes narcotics officer and a suspect. it happened aboard the texas eagle waiting to depart for chicago. the officer and bystander are expect to be okay. >>> an elderly woman says she was strip searched at jfx airport. she is one of thee women who complained about the screening processs at the airport. she says agents took her to a private area and checked a bulge in the colostomy bag and says the experience left her shaking and filling degrated. >> it's a sweatshirt on just sweat pants and i moved around and looked at my bag and the other woman was watching it. and i said donned touch it you have dirty hand don't come near me. and that's how it went out. >> the tsa says the incident involving is under review. >>> here's one brave store clerk. he sways cleaning the shop what man armed with a knife yell at him and began to demand cash e stood up and punched the accused robber twice. the clerk go
, snow in western texas, we've got thick fog this morning. it's december 5th, we don't have snow around, with our date with destiny but fog. >>> dense patchy fog out this as you navigate on your morning commute. one accident in the city, we will have complete details straight ahead. ♪ i must have the wrong house. sister? we missed you. they waited up all night for you, you know. it's a long way from west africa. [ inhales deeply ] he's here. i brought you something. [ chuckles ] really? ♪ [ chuckles ] what are you doing? you're my present this year. ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup ♪ write "you're pretty." you're pretty! ♪ i think he hurt his tibia. what's a tibia? [ female announcer ] cards are not for sending. ♪ they're for bringing us together. this holiday, select cards come postage-paid. >>> time for your news to go, fog is the headline. let's check in with meteorologist justin berk. >> weather making headlines across the nation. watching the storm, that's the storm that brought the rain to the cleveland area, for the ravens game. ex
mexico and texas. it will cost a blizzard for eastern colorado and western kansas. it will track north and east but stays to war west. we will stay in the mild air. upper 40's tomorrow with mostly cloudy skies. a better chance for some heavy rain on wednesday. high of 55 on thursday. upper 40's into the weekend. a slight chance for rain every day. >> thank you. fund in the snow knows no boundaries. we'll show you proof. >> we are still taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. what's the worst gift you ever received, and what happened to it? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> the first sand sculpture compotation in indonesia. the first of its kind -- san sculpture competition. the second takes people on its four around the world to london's big ben. 2,400 tons of sand were used to make the sculptures. >> everybody likes to play in the snow. 0 some pandas -- these are some pandas that began the day rolling in the snow. snow is part of their natural environment. altitudes of 5,000 feet,
, to texas. heavy rain, east of dallas, snow west of dallas and snow here, a sign of energizing system, pulling up the front, repeat the pattern later that could be important for us and taste of winter. we are headed to the system, pulling in moisture in terms of fog, 39 but watch the visibility at richie highway and glen burnie. you are going to see it go blank, see street lights. that's improving the fog, tough to see the street lights and traffic signals and signs. 60 degrees this afternoon. angela phos foster is here this morning. >>> the despite the foggy conditions ax nice flow of traffic for you out there. no incidents to report as you make your way on the jfx, a live look of i-83, west 41st street. traffic moving well as you make your way on the southbound lanes in to the downtown areach more activity along the topside of the beltway. looking good for those on the harrisburg, southbound 83, from shawan, down to 695. taking you five minutes, southbound 95, 6 minutes from white marsh to the beltway. >>> 100 people mostly senior citizens, forced out of homes because of a fire may
't know the mother from texas it's just a matter of everyone kind of pulling together and saying it's ok, don't feel bad about it and everybody has to feed their baby. >> we're here to offer our services to educate employees and other people and let them know you can't treat people that way. >> meanwhile, start also says it will inform all employees about the company's breast feeding policy. corrine redmond, abc2 news. >>> check out the new video out of new mexico. diners got a surprise when a sheriff's deputy crashed his car into the patio. the group standing outside waiting for a table just moments earlier. police say the deputy was on his way to a call when he was hit by another vehicle causing that cruiser to spin out, hit a snow bank and flip over. no one was seriously hurt. >>> witnesses say a driver plowed into one another after a colorado subdivision. when done the neighborhood looked like a war zone. carlos ayala, 40, witnesses say plowed into at least five cars. driving on several flat tires and bare rim. he was charged with criminal mischief and resisting arrest. no word yet o
texas. white chapel united methodist church put on 3d christmas display that consisted of image on the you side of the front building. three -- on the outside of the building.thousands still without power because of high winds across the west. we will show you some of the hardest hit areas as the winds hit close to 100 miles an hour. more on this and justin with weather and a popular fox tv show where you will catch gloria estefan on the small screen now new york for a check of the morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, the wireless industry says not me. a day after a report about smart phone spying on you, there's carrier iq says the software gathers statistics not personal data. several wireless carriers and equipment makers say the same thing while others say they no longer use it at all. major hard drive makers resumed production after flooding in thailand. the supply may be tight for a wild. and the fitness monitoring bracelet called up checks how active you are and how well you sleep and what you eat. u.s.a today ed gives the apple compatible device an
texas says she was harassed in her local target for breastfeeding her baby. corrine redmond has more on the national nurse-in demonstration. >> reporter: moms across the country went to the target stores for the so-called nurse-in. in response to the treatment of a texas woman who claims target employees harassed her while breastfeeding her baby in the store. the moms organized after the houston-area mom says she was in the women's department at a store near her home, nursing her baby in a covered blanket. she says then the employees gave her a tough time. many mothers saying it's ok to breastfeed. target released a statement saying guests who choose to breastfeed in public areas of the store are allowed to do so without being made to feel uncomfortable. >> i thought nobody should be made to go some place else like a bathroom or something to feed their baby. and it just seems like it's -- i could bottle feed anywhere but just because i happen to be showing my breast or having my breast out even if i'm not showing it i'm supposed to go some place else? doesn't seem right to me. >> re
, except for down in texas. we'll talk about the forecast coming up in just a minute. stick around. >> heart patients who don't get enough vitamin c could be at greater risk for cardiac complications and even death. >> 200 patients were studied. those with the lowest vitamin c intake or 2 1/2 times more likely to of heart inflammation than those with the highest vitamin c intake. eating the recommended five servings of fruit and vegetables provides an adequate amount of vitamin c. 3 kiwis a day may keep high blood pressure away. >> they wanted to see if a protein found in the kiwis could keep blood pressure down. researchers say larger studies need to be done before kiwi can be recommended as part of a treatment plan for high blood pressure. >> keith mills will join us in the newsroom with the look of how the ravens beat the browns. >> how regulators plan to stop people from talking or texting while behind the wheel. >> we will check your weather and your morning commu >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> this case you up to date on your morning commute. perh
system is approaching to the west -- full s unshine. we will see a monstrous blizzard from north texas in two western kansas into tonight with a strong winds. if you plan on doing any delaysng, uses tyou could see in denver. temperatures are bouncing back this afternoon. this storm will play a role in our weather pattern. it will pass to our north. when state into thursday. that is good news for us -- when state into thursday. it will keep the rain to the north. if it was going further south, which could be talking about snow. we will see increasing clouds tonight. not as cold. low 40's in the downtown area. mid to upper 50's tomorrow with isolated showers. mostly cloudy skies. as the storm passes to the north and west, will see a milder air move in. the first official day of winter, not too bad, 55. heavy rain possibility on wednesday. colder air and the start to arrive by the christmas holiday -- colder air may start to arrive. >> after helping to negotiate a payroll tax extension. >> some gop leaders are saying not so fast. kate amara has more. >> gop leaders say the house and atake
the tail end of our cold front. looking back over the south. heavy rain in texas back into western tennessee. this will move north and east. another storm system brewing out towards the planins. snowing currently in denver. they will pick up another 8 inches of snow. they will enjoy a white christmas. we will talk about the christmas forecast in just a bit. no problems this morning at the airport. no problems in d.c. either. we have a storm system building back into the south. we have snow back in the plailns from denver to the midwest. let's talk about the temperatures. 73 in miami. 63 in atlanta. 40's in parts of the south. some very cold air is coming in behind that secondary cold front. we are starting off in the 40's and 50's and will be heading close to 60 this afternoon. about 15 degrees above normal. today is the first day of winter. temperatures around 52 in the western mountains. southern pennsylvania gets the rain late in the afternoon. as for baltimore, that holds off until tonight. the ground is very wet. some fog could form. highs into the 60's this afternoon. the sto
system down in texas and mississippi and back into arkansas and oklahoma is coming our way and that is tomorrow's weather. our view came from the grand hotel in ocean city, that beach view. everybody will be affected as that storm moves through tomorrow. partly cloudy skies today. still a bit breezy and the wind coming from the northwest at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. 45 to 50 degrees. still -- the sun is still setting before 5:00 p.m. a northwest wind, 10 to 15 knots for boaters in the bay. dry weather today. tomorrow, we will be cloudy in the morning and then will pick up some rain chances in the late morning and afternoon chances. we dry out. maybe some snow in the mountains, minor accumulations in garrett county and allegany county. wheat dry out for the middle of the week. in the 40's -- we dry out. wednesday and thursday look dry. closer to 50 on friday. another weather system skipping by the area. a small chance for a chance of scattered showers by the end of the week. >> somewhat in maryland will cop in maryland as a new millionaire. the winning ticket for the pa
as two weeks. >>> check this out. this is a spectacular 3d christmas display in south lake texas. consisting of i will ages projected on the entire front side of the church. three projectors were used for the display and it was fun had by all. >>> new developments in the scam involving more than two dozen schools across several counties. >> reporter: i am sherrie johnson a man promising ravens players to schools and not following through. >>> and is herman cain ready to call it quits? i will tell you what he said during a recent interview coming up. >>> and honda recalling hundreds of thousands of cars. we will tell you why which models are affected and how it could be be affecting you. >>> we look at northeast high school. hey northeast, i will be there tomorrow for your christmas parade. we are excited for a school but a good -- cool but a good looking start to the weekend will chilly and frosty this morning. stick around, the outlook coming up. >> reporter: the latest on i-70 in ellicott city. more when "good morning maryland" continues. >>> good morning. i am charley crowson
will bounce back into the mid atlantic. pretty heavy rain from east texas into northern parts of the gulf and we expect this to head our way. if you're doing some traveling, you may see delays in areas like atlanta. a powerful storm system moving into denver. a high of 19 and snow could be an issue. snow also in chicago. we should not see to many problems at bwi airport this morning. we will have a few clouds. a high temperature of 60 degrees. the mountains, " 50's with increasing clouds. a better chance for rain in the mountains this afternoon. showers likely heading into tonight. some areas could see up to two inches of rain. upper 30's as we head into tomorrow morning. 53 tomorrow and drying out into the afternoon. then we will get a taste of what december should feel like. the ravens game, dry conditions and sunshine. a storm brewing down in our south. for travelers on sunday, expect a pretty good conditions. >> jury deliberations will continue in may when mark bullying case against two city's schools. parents say their son were constantly harassed. but administrators never stepped in
me. >> get a drink of water. that may help. >> it's still colder at el paso texas than we are. they're 32. 20s across the high country. at least the cities of denver and salt lake city at 27. 30s on our doorstep and we've got some strong winds. look at the national picture here. we've got one new storm rolling in to the pacific northwest. a little disturbance in the plains and our old storm with this same old track pushing its way on into eastern canada. a little bubble in the jet stream, a push of cold air and we're followed by another push of cold air. the pattern will eventually change. it may try to start doing so may not lock into that mode but it may start doing so as we head into materially part of 2012. that's next week. this storm may do that as we crank across eastern canada. we've got some snow showers back to our west this morning and we've got those clouds mixed in, strong gusty winds that will all ease up tonight but we'll have waves of sclouds with that storm to our north, maybe some rain showers on and off into the weekend. today we're close to 43. a brief slip and t
in the central and southern plains, texas gets beneficial rains. we stay dry saturday into sunday. today, if you're going to the lighting. mount washington monument it will slip back to the 40s and upper 30s by daybreak. we say tonight but it's really a daybreak temperature. the extended outlook, low to mid-50s, dry weather for the start of the weekend. our sunday, dry, near 60. cleveland may get wet for the ravens game. that same system brings us rain late monday, tuesday, could end as snow by late wednesday morning. we're going to watch this with the developing pattern. >>> let's check traffic. >> thank you very much. nothing to really worry about on the roads. a quick shot of the live camera on i-95, down at maryland 32, traffic moving well. going up towards the tunnels, fort mchenry tolls and harbor tolts, no problems though volume is building. traffic moving well on the jones falls at northern parkway. and drive time locations, southbound 95 coming from harford county, whitemarsh to 695, six minutes and outer loop ride from belair road to providence road, six minutes there as well. back
of the action through saturday morning, rain and snow back from northern texas into the central plains but for us we're going to actually watch that pattern for early next week. 52. that is our seasonal high and forecast of 2-degree guarantee today. we'll have mostly sunny skies. 27 the low tonight. we'll get into some of the cold air, low 30s by the bay. dry, low to mid-50s in the afternoons into the weekend. dry, up to 60 sunday but the ravens playing in cleveland, they'll have to deal with rain as this storm system approaches them first. brings rain for us monday and tuesday and hint of that tuesday storm could re-develop off the coast pulling cold air and end with snow so stay tuned. now traffic. >>> thank you very much. we've got clearance at the harbor tunnel freeway, that's the earlier delay as we got to the tolls has been cleared, all lanes open. also traffic moving well now on maryland 29 and on the jfx at coldspring lane, traffic flowing freely. don't forget this evening -- actually this morning, starting 9:00 a.m., mount vernon place and baltimore city closed down as they p
. how much it was worth. >>> and walls at a texas diner has stories to tell. how the tales are helping to feed the hungry for the holiday season. that's dmowmght 6:00 hour of "- - that's coming up in the 6:00 hour of "good morning maryland" we are back in a few minutes. >>> are's watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." -- you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland ." >> reporter: jerry sandusky after being charged with two more boys is back behind
into texas. there's one wave of low pressure along the front enhancing the rainfall. most to the west and north. another storm will develop on the tail end of that boundary. that's the one we are waiting for tomorrow. through tomorrow night, and really enhancing it as it passes by early thursday morning. we enhance it later today and tonight and the rain tomorrow that may show some snow tomorrow afternoon in the mountains to the west and maybe southern p.a. it will be overnight and we ink the transition to snow for all of us and it's out of here by daybreak. i expect a slushy dusting to ionch around the bay. bay temperatures low 40s right now annapolis eastern shore and the grass should be white in the morning. around the i-95 stretch maybe northern ann arunde county including -- anne arundel county including bdi and bel air one to three range westminster hereford zone and southern pa2 to 4 slightly higher amounts on the hill tops and go to abc 2 for more details because it could fluctuate it's the first call and the storm will be tomorrow night but ending on thursday morning
for your family that can make things happier. >>> one diner in texas is now doing things to remind some people called the cowtown diner and they've program called happy tales and the messages from customers saying what makes them happy and thankful. they can eat and be thankful for the help of others. >> it makes my day when i am having you know not a great day sometimes. every one has them. i can go to the wall and read a couple happy tales. >> my husband james. >> i am thankful nor my close friends and my job. >> my two dogs. >> now the wall benefits area food bank for every positive message written. restaurant donates 10% of customers check to an area nonprofit. >>> there's still so much more to come in the last 60 -- 16 minutes of good morning maryland including... >> reporter: two more accusers come forward. i will have the story coming up. >> reporter: and a new report on how the air force dumped cremated remains of service members in a landfill. how maryland is connected. >>> i am sherrie johnson live in westminster with a look at weather conditions here. vil live report coming u
, texas. a 27-year-old man now faces charges of intoxication, manslaughter and murder. the man with his twins in the back seat, police say, hit two cars, sped awayened plowed into more vehicles a block away killing the driver. the suspect then shot and killed the man in his suv. the two children are hospitalized but expected to be ok. police took the suspect to a hospital for a checkup, then took him to jail. >>> an attempted robbery stopped by a coffee pot and the suspect is now behind bars. the man climbs through a drivethrough window of a coffee shop in pennsylvania. the owner's wife grabbed a container full of coffee and hit the man in the face with it. that didn't slow him down. so she grabbed a jug of steaming hot milk and whacked him again. that is what coaxed the man to finally leave. >> i'm proud of her, the way she fought him off. but i think once this sinks in i am going to wish she just ran out the door as they did after she hit him. >> the suspect john hamill is charged with robbery as well as charges relating to the stolen van he was driving at the time. >>> it doesn't mat
that has to last them the rest of the time. mexico, texas, feeding in to the sis tome, energy in the atmosphere. like last week, most of the energy will ride up in to the great lakes. we will stay on the warm side, mid-50s to 60s on thursday. this front swings through in a diminished form with showers. nothing like the rain. at once front swings through, there maybe a wave of low pressure that catches up to the cold air and could spell out something different saturday morning. we will talk about 52 after the frosty start. milder than yesterday. we are mixing the high clouds. 30 overnight. we watch the clouds become prominent the next couple of days, hitting the low 50s too many. 58, perhaps 60 thursday. late day thundershowers, probably ending friday morning. next wave after mid night on friday in to saturday morning. a better chance south of baltimore and we clear up during mid-morning, we will hit 43, 45, dry sundays. here is angela with traffic. >>> on the roadways this morning, a bit of good news, weave cleared the accident we had in abington, clear on pulaski highway. we
, the cold pocket of air across the west coast bringing in some of that pacific moisture across texas and injecting it on no the nation's mid-section, then pushing it all the way up with just a little push of snow, northern wisconsin and minnesota, yet snow in the rockies as well. that is our general storm pattern. we're still focusing on some of the energy coming into the system. a lot of times we get into these storm patterns for a couple of weeks where they almost seem identical. just little things that are different. this one, again, taking warmer air ahead of it. we'll warm up ahead of this storm system. we're also pushing in moisture ahead of this storm system this morning into west virginia and because this is already ahead of schedule i had to account for some of that to cross the mountains and reach us, just about every computer model is keeping us virtually dry throughout the day with just a mix of clouds, i think we turn overcast and allow at least sprinkles on the west side. tonight there may be a push of showers. this is a warm front that comes through pennsylvania with m
stream, the clouds coming from the pacific, across texas and into the deep south, that passes to our south. we actually have this disturbance to our north and we're going to get squeezed between, but i think we see more clouds as a result, so not a completely sunny day, even though it should be crisp and clear to start off. again, we've been watching this disturbance, moderate snowfall here across the great lakes and that's good news for them. but once we lay down that snow pack for the northwest and typical flow of air from the west to northwest into maryland, that actually has a reenforcing cool shot, that's that cold carpet we talk about and that helps to set up the pattern that should start to stay a little bit colder. we're looking at basically overnight through tomorrow morning, still maybe some showers in the del marva even though this computer model not indicating it. i think we could see a band of clouds tomorrow, so intermittent clouds with reenforcing shot of chilly air, then we're dry by sunday. 49 today, cool, crisp, some afternoon clouds begin to creep in, we're up to 4
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